The White County Sheriff's Office conducted an investigation into the officer involved shooting which occurred in Grayville on April 12, 2015. This incident involved Grayville Officer Jess Burley during the arrest of John R. Eagleson.

The report was forwarded to States Attorney Denton Aud. The Special Prosecutors Office was appointed to review the report and give a determination as to criminal conduct on the part of Officer Burley.

The Special Prosecutor has determined that no criminal charges should be filed against Officer Burley.

White County Sheriff
Doug Maier
WHITEOUT 2 DETAIL (5-28-2015)
The White County Sheriff's Department, Carmi Police Department and Southern Illinois Drug Task force conducted a detail this morning. The detail was to serve warrants resulting from a several month long operation called "Whiteout", which targeted the drug problems in Carmi and White County. this is the second wave of arrests resulting from the operation.

Information gathered was forwarded to SA Denton Aud. Mr. Aud has reviewed this information and filed formal charges resulting in (8) warrants issued.

A total of 15 officers from the various departments were involved in the early morning detail. Carmi K-9 Unit "OREST" was utilized.

Further arrests are anticipated.

This is an ongoing effort by the Southern Illinois Task Force to combat the drug problem in White County and Southern Illinois.

White County Sheriff Doug Maier

Carmi Chief of Police Jason Carter

Officer Involved Shooting (4-12-2015)
On 4/12/2015 at approximately 4:40 PM the White County Sheriff’s Office Dispatch was advised by Grayville Officer Jess Burley that shots has been fired during a vehicle stop he had initiated.

Officer Burley had stopped a vehicle for a traffic violation; the vehicle pulled into the Dollar General Store parking lot located in Grayville Illinois. The driver of the vehicle was John Eagleson (DOB: 1/25/67). The vehicle backed from the parking spot and was attempting to leave the area. Officer Burley was in front of the vehicle and instructed the driver to stop. He advised this several times according to witnesses. The vehicle would not stop and Officer Burley fired one shot through the window of the vehicle, striking Mr. Eagleson in the face.

The vehicle then rolled to a stop in a grassy area south of the store.

Mr. Eagleson was transferred to Deaconess Hospital in Evansville Indiana.

Four citizens witnessed the incident and they have all been interviewed.

The investigation is being conducted by the White County Sheriff’s Department.

White County Sheriff
Doug Maier
Recovered 4-wheelers (3-20-2015)
The White County Sheriff's Office has recovered two stolen 4-wheelers on Thursday March 19th, 2015. A blue and white 2008 Yamaha 4-wheeler reported stolen on 3-18-2015 by John McKay was recovered in a wooded area along County Road 100 N. near Newman Cemetery. The second was a 2012 Honda Recon 4-wheeler reported stolen by The Odaniel Trucking Company of Carmi on 03-19-2015. This vehicle was recovered from a wooded area on County Road 1600 N. about 2 miles north of the first recovered vehicle.

Both vehicles were towed from location and Illinois State Police Crime Scene will process them on Friday.

White County Sheriff
Doug Maier
Active School Schooting Training (3-19-2015)
The White County Sheriff’s Department, Norris City Police Department and Carmi Police Department will be conducting an active shooter training drill at the Norris City-Omaha-Enfield High School in Norris City during the afternoon hours of Friday, March 20, 2015.

The Norris City-Omaha-Enfield School District will team up with Law Enforcement Officials to conduct the drill. School and Law Enforcement Officials have met recently to work on the details and planning for the full-scale exercise.

White County Sheriff’s Department Sgt. Craig Poole reports no students will be present during any part of the drill. Teachers and administrators from the school district will participate.

Sgt. Poole reports that the goal of the exercise is for each agency to practice their respective duties and for the staff to practice the school policy and lock down protocols should an emergency situation occur that requires a response.

Law Enforcement is notifying the public in advance of the date and time of this training exercise advised Sgt. Poole. The public should not be alarmed if they see several law enforcement officers present at the school or hear calls via dispatchers on the radio frequency during this time..

Sgt. Craig Poole
White County Sheriff Department
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